May 4, 2009

Repo! The Genetic Opera OST

I can understand why the Repo! The Genetic Opera was received with flame throwers and whispers of Raspberry: it's the kind of project that would have never sat well with the conservative establishment. A musical splatter comedy set in the future? Just try to sell that on your best day and you will understand why most Hollywood movies are so damn predictable. Add to that an important lesson for any future film makers: the presence of Paris Hilton in the main credits never helps.

Of course the film is great fun - it is easily the "Rocky Horror Picture Show of our generation" - and the industrial-tinted soundtrack is not bad either. If there is one thing that the movie lacks it is appealing characters, a weakness that doesn't bother the soundtrack in the least bit. Listening to the music and lyrics on their own, without the duty of actually following the somewhat burdened visuals, opens up aspects of the story that are usually glossed over, a joke here, and another tongue-in-cheek reference there. Okay, sometimes the music gets muddled in the attempt to push the ridiculous plot further, sacrificing melody in the process, but anybody that claims it has no proper hooks must have never heard "Zydrate Anatomy" and  "Mark It Up" (the latter echoing Tom Waits' brilliant "Cemetery Polka"). All in all, you have to listen to this soundtrack at least once, whether you've seen the film or not, and if you do like some of it, please spread the word: with the media blackout regarding all things Repo! there are very few other ways people will learn what they're missing.


  1. The film's a total piece of trash, man... Shame, because the production values are OK...

  2. I've somehow glossed over this comment and it's about time to retort... Yes, Repo! is a piece of trash, just like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but it is so over the top, so confident about it that once you accept its aesthetics, it is a remarkable film. Come on, Nivek Ogre out of Skinny Puppy is in it, and the concept of his role is well worth it. I have to add, though, that I haven't listened to this soundtrack in quite a while, which is to say its longevity is not its strong side. So take that as you will.