August 18, 2010

DM Season 3 = Hardcore

The new season of Danse Macabre kicks off tonight at midnight CET, and trust us when we says this: the following 30+ shows will bring you horror in its purest form! Yes, we will discuss horror film, music and literature like we always do; yes, we will play some of the heaviest and scariest tracks known to mankind like we always do; but this season we will also press way deeper than ever before on the truly awful stuff: the real terrors of our collective past, present and future. Serial killers, doppelgangers, corrupt politicians, conspiracy theorists and hones-to-God fear-mongers are all on the plate this season along with your shady neighbors and ultradark men that roam through the shadows as you sleep. Of course, there will be monsters dying to kill you on our way through this bizarro-world but more often than not, these monsters will take human shape just the way it usually is. So, without further delay... let the horror begin!

August 13, 2010

It's Friday the 13th: Enjoy It!

I've stated several times that I thoroughly dislike the slasher genre. I mean, how stupid do these movies get? Not only do they work with a blueprint that got old by the mid-1970s (as the Italian giallo peaked with Deep Red), they also bend all movie logic to produce the prerequisite number of kills while disregarding any kind of message even at the most basic level. One can understand why kids fly to this kind of crap given the sheen of antiheroes such as Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees but for anyone past high school a large chunk of the subgenre should be idiotic and, more importantly, boring. That said, the original films of the Halloween and Friday the 13th franchises are rather good for what they are, particularly the former. Since today is Friday the 13th, however, the treat that we got here is a trailer for the first of many films that scared the shit out of audiences throughout the 1980s starring the unlikely tug with a hockey mask. Bonus: a clip of Jason appearing as a guest at the Arsenio Hall show. Enjoy!

August 10, 2010

"I've always thought of zombies as..."

It's STILL Alive!

Hey there! Just to let you know, the blog is still alive: it was merely resting over the last couple of months as other duties (some horrible, some quite pleasant) took hold over our collective lives. Among other things, we had a few parties organized under the Danse Macabre banner playing mostly surf rock, psychobilly and post-punk while showing flicks such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Monster Squad. In any case, as summer draws towards fall, the show gears up for a new season, which will require some cleaning up of the blog (erasing old links, adding new posters here and there, collecting all episodes etc.) and a proper kick-off on Friday, 20 August! Until then, enjoy the following clip from the Bass-Rankin animation The Flight of Dragons, which may be naive, but is truly scary and accurate in its estimation of the modern world. Until the 20th then, cheers!