August 10, 2010

It's STILL Alive!

Hey there! Just to let you know, the blog is still alive: it was merely resting over the last couple of months as other duties (some horrible, some quite pleasant) took hold over our collective lives. Among other things, we had a few parties organized under the Danse Macabre banner playing mostly surf rock, psychobilly and post-punk while showing flicks such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Monster Squad. In any case, as summer draws towards fall, the show gears up for a new season, which will require some cleaning up of the blog (erasing old links, adding new posters here and there, collecting all episodes etc.) and a proper kick-off on Friday, 20 August! Until then, enjoy the following clip from the Bass-Rankin animation The Flight of Dragons, which may be naive, but is truly scary and accurate in its estimation of the modern world. Until the 20th then, cheers!

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