May 11, 2009

Episode 4: Hunting for Witches

On the night between 30th April and 1st May, parts of Europe celebrated Walpurgis Night, and in that honor, the 4th episode of Danse Macabre was devoted to witches and warlocks from around the world. To be honest, we've never met either Wiccans or Stregherians but it didn't bother us a bit to talk about them and their deities, nor did it slow us down in the discussion of possible pre-Christian witch-cults. Of course, the Triple Goddess was mentioned, and a special reference to one special comic book called The Sandman slipped our mouths.

One important thing to note: there are very few good witch movies, you can really count them on one hand. Of course, there is Dario Argento's Suspiria, and as deeply flawed it is as a movie, it qualifies 100% to be treated as an amazing work of art. Just look at that last shot in the next clip! Is this whole scene just a background to one disturbing art installation?

And of course, there is always the playlist of the show, available for download right HERE.

Finally, one couldn't finish this post without mentioning Häxan, the 1922 Swedish/Danish silent film written and directed by Benjamin Christensen, which basically demonstrated how ignorance and superstition combine to produce witch-hunts. I'm personally sad to say, nothing has changed since Christensen's time - except maybe that the witches people hunt nowadays are not called witches anymore but mostly "enemies of the state," whatever that state may stand for.

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