May 23, 2009

Dracula Movie Posters

It all started back in 1897 when Bram Stoker published his critically acclaimed novel about the evil Count from Transylvania that got on the nerves of some boring Englishmen. It really kicked off, however, in 1931 when Universal released the first "official" Dracula film starring Bela Lugosi (who had previously played the Count on theater stages across the States) and hasn't stopped ever since. For the last 78 years we've had Lon Chaney Jr., Christopher Lee, Jack Palance, Udo Kier, Frank Langella, Gary Oldman and Gerard Butler all play Dracula at one point or another; we've had Dracula battle Frankenstein and Batman; we've had black Dracula, Warhol's Dracula, and even Turkish Dracula; and let's not forget, we've had freakin' Count Chocula cereals! So... that reminder aside, let's just go to previewing some of the posters that stand proudly (and sometimes not so proudly) behind of some of these movies. Enjoy! 

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