May 28, 2009

Mars Attacks! A Reminder

In all likelihood, you have seen Mars Attacks! but you still cannot decide whether it's good or bad. Well, you're a bit older now and you have seen more of the world. Your understanding of movies and especially early science fiction / horror flicks has improved and your tastes have moved along with it. You have seen that Will Smith remake of The Day When the Earth Stood Still and you are also aware of the original from 1951 as well the batch of similar films that also came out during the 1950s. Well, it is due time you re-watch Mars Attacks! and absorb all its genius the way those pesky little aliens smoke nuclear bombs! Let's face it: every single scene in the film is there for a reason and every single angle you look at / approach its contents is both ridiculously funny and freakishly scary. Plus, it has a double dose of Jack Nicholson AND megaplus, Tom Jones sings to save the day! Trust me, re-watch and you'll wonder why on earth you didn't like it the first time around. Then again, if you already like it, well... repetitium est mater studiorum!

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