October 13, 2009

Vampires in Macedonian Folklore

Aside from the corny pic above - it was either that or Tom Cruise against the map of the Balkans - this is a curious find. What we have here is an entire book of Macedonian folk tales about vampires collected and printed back in 1988. "Why is it so interesting?" you ask. Well: a) Folk tale collections in Macedonia are rather rare due to various failings of the collective subconscious, so to have one devoted entirely to such an obscure subject is unusual to say the least; and b) It seems that in Macedonian folklore, vampires are annoying pests who could strangle a chicken at best and serve as nothing more than a punching bag at worst. Honestly, the first time I read this thing I felt the Earth move! Plus, it's funny as hell, megatons better than Woody Allen's funniest Dracula rendering... if you understand Macedonian, that is. If you don't, then the next time you have a problem with a vampire you know who to call: an old Macedonian lady can obliterate a vampire on any given day! In any case, here's the download.

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