October 25, 2009

Angelo Badalamenti - Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me OST (1992)

What can be said here that hasn't been said before? Well, even though Angelo Badalamenti's score to David Lynch's Twin Peaks prequel sounds like your standard midnight jazz at first listen, there is nothing on this planet that achieves a similar emotional impact, not even on the other two Twin Peaks soundtracks. The well-known melancholic synth of "Twin Peaks Theme" and "Falling" is enriched here with thick layers of noir jazz, industrial elements, and even beat poetry, gradually growing into a mutant sound that is paranoid and evil just as much as it is seductive and infinitely sad. People have called the music here "horror jazz" and I can only concur on this term.

>>> Check out the torrente here but if you run into the CD make sure you get it!

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