October 23, 2009

Sycamore Trees

For me, this scene is the most beautiful TV moment ever and the essence of Twin Peaks. Written by Angelo Badalamenti with lyrics by David Lynch and sung by Jimmy Scott, the track "Sycamore Trees" is the definition of nameless melancholia, which on the other hand, is my definition for late October through the entire November. Of course, melancholia is rarely the topic of good horror stories but in real life, it can be much more devastating and, ultimately, beautiful.

Note: The lyrics to "Sycamore Trees" are actually from David Lynch's dream project called "Ronny Rocket", a script he wrote after Eraserhead. Here is the script text:

I got idea, man... you take me for a walk (she moves closer to the guy) under the sycamore trees (closer) the dark trees that blow, baby. In the dark trees I'll see you and you'll see me...I 'll see you in the branches that blow in the breeze... I'll see you under the trees.

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