June 7, 2009

Zombi - Spirit Animal (2009)

Zombi is a truly rare animal in this here 21st century of ours. Based in Pittsburgh, the multi-instrumentalist duo comprised of members Steve Moore and A.E. Paterra hearkens back to the days of full-on italo prog, pushing forward this slightly pretentious but always megacool blend of rock like it was the only thing in the world worth living for. The interesting thing here is that Zombi might be on to something: with records full of epic horror soundscapes getting helium-high on funky keyboards and muscular percussion, the music simply demands your attention!

Now let's describe Spirit Animal. If you read about Zombi around the web, you'll see that some references are dropped on regular basis: Goblin's Dawn of the Dead soundtrack, Rush's Moving Pictures "without the vocals", and last but not least, Fabio Frizzi's work for Zombie Flesh Eaters. Combine these references, crank it up to eleven, set your eyes on that immense elephant-infested record cover and you pretty much have Spirit Animal. The references don't ring any bells? Then check out the following live video from Zombi's earlier performances.

It sounds like you've heard this song in a 1970's film before, doesn't it? :)

If Spirit Animal has one problem is that it is too ambitious at times, continuing through long stretches of ambiance with little to no variation, which of course can be slightly boring. Then again, there is always a solution to this problem: just turn on the volume, and cop on the doomed retro futuristic world that Zombi is all about. I know I have. 

Follow this link for a nice little torrent of Zombi's entire discography, but remember to buy the record if you like what you hear. 

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