June 7, 2009


I read quite a few positive reviews for Pontypool today, including one from Horror Geek, which suddenly makes this small "zombie-but-not-really-a-zombie" film an event that should not be missed. The visualisation of the idea that a virus can be transferred through language feels fresh and perfectly fitted to the times we're living in. In this sense, the syndrome "social commentary through horror" is inevitable, and I only hope it propels the final work to another level rather than drag it down as I've seen it done way too many times. As a side note, I first ran into the term "word virus" via William S. Burroughs, a man whose work should be used more often as the basis for works of the macabre.

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  1. I hope you dig it when you get a chance to see it--I'll be interested in hearing your thoughts on it for sure.

    It's not a perfect film by any stretch of the imagination, but it's certainly different.