June 6, 2009


It's that time of the year again. When I was a kid, The Omen and its sequel were a big deal: we truly believed in the might of the One born at 6 am on June 6! :) Those beliefs have dissipated over time along with Santa Clause and Chuck Norris but I still take note of the date with each passing year. Just imagine a creepy old man meeting you in the wee hours and telling you, "Something extremely evil was born today!" Now the concept of evil still scares me in a non-Christian-but-it-must-exist kind of way, but prey tell me, what is extremely evil? I don't think anyone can fathom a being that is 100% evil: we believe way too much in personal interests and causality to give room for such a huge dent in logic that a pitch black evil creature would pose. Oh well... While you're thinking about it, check out Mike Patton's blistering performance of The Omen's "Ave Satani", one of the best movie themes ever!

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