August 1, 2009

[REC]2 Trailer

It's trailer time for the sequel to REC, the Spanish-made zombie flick that devastated theaters in late 2007 to both critical and commercial success, and was later adapted as Quarantine for the American viewers who don't know how to read subtitles. The story of [REC]2 unfolds just hours after the events of the first film, as a SWAT team is sent into the quarantined appartement building to commence a sweep, unaware just how far the infection has spread. It looks like a first-person shooter, then, only the viewers won't be able to control the characters via joysticks. Given how bad I am at video games, that's a good thing (no one wants to see a film where the main guy dies in the first five minutes!).

What are you saying, you have never seen the original? Well, you better fix that as soon as possible :) Here's the trailer for that one, too. Mind you, it's a truly scary experience, the kind you rarely see these days.

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