July 3, 2009

Messer Chups

It is impossible to dislike certain bands and Messer Chups, with all the humor-infused horror samples and surf rock they bring to the table, are certainly on top of that list.

Messer Chups were founded some ten years ago in St.Petersburg, Russia, by Oleg Gitarkin who had previously performed with Oleg Kostrow under the name of Messer für Frau Müller. The band was originally a duo of Gitarkin on bass guitar and Annette Schneider on synths but the band's formation has been in constant flux of musicians ever since. No matter the line up, the Messer Chups have kept their sense for relentlessly dark humor and American culture’s trashiest achievements through all their releases, which has led to their recognition as one of Russia’s best-known exports. Playing a fundamentally instrumental style helps, of course, but the band’s celebration of both terror and trash - simultaneously - is what makes them so splendid. Check out the following clip if you're not sure what we're talking about.

With the release of Heretic Channel (2009) in march this year, the band has officially marked ten albums under the belt, most of which have enjoyed republication, not only in Russia, but in the US, Australia and Japan as well. Ironically, the success of Messer Chups has coincided with severe downturn of the music market in Russia; somebody must have sent a really bad curse their way and missed the mark.

Heretic Channel is as fun as Zombie Shopping (2007) or anything else the band has released over the last decade with the automatic plus of reworking a few David Lynch motifs in the proceedings. That the first single off the album is devoted to Vincent Price cannot be a bad thing, either :)

Check out the website Far from Moscow for more band pics as well as a good overview of their more recent history.

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