July 29, 2009

The End Is Nigh

Have you ever had the desire to know how it's all going to end? Have you been secretly looking for that obscure holy grail of printed publishing? Well, now...

...The End Is Nigh is an annual British fanzine edited by Michael Molcher. You don't know who he is? Don't worry. The fanzine has been coming out every year since 2005 at the Bristol Comic Expo in 2005. As the tagline suggests, it's The Official Magazine of the Apocalypse, each issue dealing with differently themed Apocalypses (e.g. the first one was about those cute and cuddly creatures we call zombies). The contents go all across the board, ranging from articles to sequential art, with contributors drawn from both comics and magazines. Also, it's got rather strong (if not superstrong) recommendations from authority figures. Here's one:

"Truly a book of revelations... although judging from the energy and enthusiasm crackling around this ambitious independent, the end is far from nigh. Highly recommended", Alan Moore.

And yeah, the fanzine has its own site and blog where you can get a bucketload of info on how everything you hold dear will die eventually. What else are you waiting for? It's not like you have a lot longer to live... :)

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