July 5, 2009


When it comes to film festivals dedicated to the macabre I truly recognize only one: the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival. This may change soon as this year's line up for UK's FrightFest film festival looks extremely promising. What I'm particularly salivating over is the world premiere of the sequel to 2005's superb kick-in-the-gut allegory The Descent (even though it will most likely be just a re-hash of the original).

A few facts about FrightFest. This horror film festival first hit the scene in August 2000 with the World Premiere of Ed Gein and UK premieres of Scary Movie, Pitch Black and Audition. Then based at the London grindhouse cinema The Prince Charles, the annual 4-day festival has grown to become one hell of a festival, in the process helping to launch the careers of directors Christopher Smith (Creep, Severance) and Simon Hunter (Mutant Chronicles) plus hosting many first UK screenings including Shaun of the Dead and Eli Roth’s Hostel.

Other two films I'm looking forward to are Clive Barker's Dread and Dario Argento's Giallo. Enjoy the previews!

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