May 8, 2010

TerrorVision OST (1986)

The more I think about it, the more serious TerrorVision looks as a project, which of course is ironic given how zany this little 1980's horror/comedy flick is. Sure, the story of an alien life form materializing in a back yard through a satellite dish and eating off a whole family is pure camp, the kind that makes for a so-bad-it's-good cult classic. The thing is all the camp is calculated and brings in tons of 1950's B-movie references, which are layered heavily with knowing performances and, more importantly to this post, a great soundtrack.

You should know the Los Angeles art rock band, The Fibonaccis. They released a few records back in the 1980s including the EP Tumor which includes a great cover of Bernard Hermann's "Psycho Theme". The crowning achievement of the band, however, is their work on the soundtrack to TerrorVision. Appropriating a sound that's rather close to Oingo Boingo, The Fibonaccis go into a full-on cheese mode, coming up with some deliriously celebratory tracks that sound 100% cinematic while maintaining enough soul to stand strong on their own feet. The title track is particularly effective here, working up kitsch and suspense in the same breath, and boasting female vocals to die for - I have pressed this one on endless repeat quite a few times. Mirroring the title track, "Advice to a Mutant" is basically a light jazz version of the same song only with male vocals that work just as well.

In addition to The Fibonaccis, the soundtrack includes Richard Brand's score of the film, which doesn't bring anything special to the table but does its work suitably.

You can now find the TerrorVision soundtrack the same way we did, via our eternal friends from Mutant Sounds. Enjoy!

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