May 9, 2010

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night F.A.Q.

This time last year I was rather excited about the prospect of communicating with the people behind the upcoming Dylan Dog movie via Dan Forcey's blog. Since the flick's poster was unveiled at Comic-Con in late July, however, no real news have surfaced online and the blog itself went mute for quite a while. Naturally, silence breeds skepticism and soon enough people became aggressive towards Dan, which promptly led to an online Q&A session with Kevin Munroe, the director behind the project that now carries the title Dylan Dog: Dead of Night. Well, since there was an open invitation for questions, Danse Macabre also got the chance to pitch in a few question marks, all of which Munroe answered while simultaneously dashing any remaining hope that the film will at least resemble the comic book it is based on. Oh, what can you do... So, here are Part 1 and Part 2 of Munroe's answers. Spoilers: Dylan Dog isn't English and Xabaras won't be seen at all.

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