March 27, 2010

Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Black Earth (2002)

Let's get a few facts cleared out: Bohren & Der Club of Gore is a German band that expands on the after-midnight horror jazz originally proposed by Angelo Badalamenti in his work for David Lynch's Twin Peaks. You like getting lost in the woods at night? Well, this is a record to drive home that feeling of evil hiding behind the trees and bushes. With that in mind, Bohren... are not a band to listen to during your spring break, and certainly not in any kind of sunshine. Put Black Earth on at 3 a.m., though, and boy do you have a surprise in store for you. There are few records out there that are truly unsettling and this is definitely one of them. The slow vibe that trudges somewhere between Miles Davis and Black Sabbath, the screaming instruments that break through the walls of silence like H.P. Lovecraft creatures, the sense of a serial killing being committed, they're all there waiting to flush out all hope and happiness you might be holding in your heart. And yet, this is gorgeous music, the soundtrack to all terrible beauty you have ever encountered in the long night walks to your home, the kind you leave on repeat 'till the waking hours of a new day. So, sit down in that comfy chair you have with a large cup of coffee in your hands, take out all the lights and drown yourself in Black Earth: trust me when I say this >>> there are few better things you could do today.

>>> Bohren & Der Club of Gore download

Note: If you get a chance to see the band live, do it by all means. The guys are incredible at transferring the mood of their recorded music to any surrounding they are given.

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