November 5, 2009

The House of Hammer

At one point in the 1970s, Hammer Productions released a string of 30-something magazine -format comics titled The House of Hammer. Since there is very little information online for this comics series, I'm morally obliged to tell you that the contents of each issue were rather simple retellings of Hammer's most famous movies - starting with Horror of Dracula - plus an interesting genre-related essay thrown in for good measure. Still, even as the magazine was only a continuation of a long-ish tradition of pulpy British comics, it was genuinely charming! To make things more dynamic, the subject matter often went beyond Hammer's stock characters and well into the territories of other popular monsters, which seems to have worked (although it's difficult to judge things from today's perspective, given the powerful nostalgia involved). So, let's cut things short: download the first 7 issues at The Manchester Morgue - it's the website that takes full credit for this rare find - and enjoy!

>>> Download issues 1-7, good man!

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