November 18, 2009

Akira: Original Soundtrack (1990)

No matter how hard Roland Emmerich works on destroying the world - and New York City in particular - he will never ever come close to the impact that Akira achieves with each pulse of the human nuclear bomb known as Tetsuo. That the anime film co-written and directed by Katsuhiro Otomo has lost none of its sparkle in the two decades since its release is a remarkable achievement, but what's even more remarkable is that as many anime productions have been made according to its blueprint, certain elements of Akira are still without an equal.

Let's take the original soundtrack, for example: the damn thing may be a splendidly commercial mix of ethnic chants and futuristic soundscapes but it is also infused with weirdness down to its bone marrow. Needless to say, it's considered a cult classic, standing immediately next to the soundtrack for Blade Runner (fun fact: both films take place in 2019). Now of course, you've heard plenty of soundtracks that sound similar to Akira but is there anything out there that can measure to the utter menace of "Tetsuo"? Come on, the second the epic chants kick in you know you're witnessing something that's bigger than life! And don't let me get started on the string of shiny little gems such as "Doll's Polyphony", which may sound unlistenable at first but has an amazing replay value and is bound to stick with you for years. Anyway, just download it, OK? OK! :)

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