January 21, 2011

Verka - Ogin (2010)

Tonight we'll be discussing chainsaws in all their destructive glory - Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), Motell Hell (1980) are all coming to the airwaves - which is why we're listening to tons of Verka's music at the moment: you want a band to capture the feel of cutting up things with a fuck-off powerful chainsaw? then Verka's the band for you. They're from Macedonia and have released only a couple of LPs so far, Jaggah (2003) and Motor songs (2010), both excellent examples of prog metal with some ethnic flavor to keep things tight. The video above is the first single off their latest LP and it pretty much encapsulates what the band is about - and don't worry about the language, I'm sure you'll get the prevailing emotions anyhow. Oh, and bonus: imagine dear old Leatherface running through the forest with a chainsaw like this:

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