December 20, 2010

Iron Sky (2011)

One of the explanations given for all of those mysterious UFO sightings over the last 50 or so years is that near the end of World War II the Nazis constructed fully-functioning flying saucers with which they hid somewhere in the Antarctica and planned to use to conquer the world when the time is right. It sounds like a premise for Thomas Pynchon novel doesn't it? Well, imagine that maybe, just maybe, all of that is true, add a Nazi base hiding on the dark side of the Moon and a revenge scheduled for the year 2018 and you have the plot for Iron Sky, one of the most eagerly anticipated indie flicks to be released in 2011. Directed by Timo Vuorensola, this Finnish SF comedy has garnered a lot of buzz on the strength of the released teaser clips and quirky cast including none other than Udo Kier, as well as the extensive social media campaign that allows everyone to join the production team in one way or another. The timing is not bad, either. After a couple of truly entertaining Nazi zombie flicks (see Dead Snow), the concept of Nazis in space feels like a natural progression, and we stand up straight to salute it with all of our hearts!

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