April 10, 2010

One Year Later

Danse Macabre Radio
is turning one today! As we blast the speakers in a balls-out monster mash, we feel like we have to share a few thoughts to mark the occasion:

a) We fully appreciate all visitors that have stopped by this dark corner of the internet, and yes, we do understand that many of you are more concerned with surviving the night than writing comments on our posts :)

b) If anyone would like to buy us a gift, this is what our wishlist looks like (but pay attention to the Madballs first, hint, hint, nudge, nudge)!

c) The best gift of all, though, must be the leak of the official trailer for the latest Hammer movie! You have no idea how pleased we were when we turned on our PCs this morning and saw the following clip.

So yeah, I suppose that would be it for now. We're a bit more focused on attending to our respected guests (most of them wear very impractical masks!) than on what we are saying but you don't mind, do you? :) If anything else pops up during the rest of this glorious evening, we will most certainly be here to write it down! In the meantime, enjoy your Saturday evening!

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