February 19, 2010

Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy (1997)

Most horror films and stories are limited in one very important aspect: they require a particular setting in order to be viewed appropriately. Deviate from this setting and the horror is either not scary or simply not good at all. Of course, what the right setting is depends solely on the viewer and we all have different preferences. What might work for one does not work for the other.

From time to time, however, there comes a media piece that simply obliterates all viewing conventions; a work of art that is so powerful one cannot ignore it no matter the circumstances or personal tastes. One such work is Chris Cunningham's epic video for Aphex Twin's humorous hymn to brutality called "Come to Daddy". You can show this to anyone at any time and I bet no one would be able to look away. What do you say, shall we put 100 bucks on it?

Now, Cunningham would have done just fine if the video consisted of nothing else but jam being spread on toast for an early breakfast - the track is evil enough to get you through any boring image you can imagine. But Cunningham did much, much more than one should have expected from him. I won't go into details - the results are here for your viewing pleasure (and to remind you just how important art form music videos used to be back in the day) - but I'll just stress that this is by far the scariest shit aired on MTV, ever! In fact, "Come to Daddy" was so scary when it came out that Nicolas Cage's flick 8 mm used the video and track not once but twice to show you just how baaaaaad the villains really were...

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