January 7, 2010

Christoper Lee Goes Metal

As gorgeous as the poster above is - the Japanese never fail to impress - this post is not about Christopher Lee's exploits as Count Dracula. No, strange though it may be, this post is really about Christopher Lee as a rock-to-the-bone metalhead! After appearing on songs for bands such as Rhapsody of Fire, Denmark's The Tolkien Ensemble, and Inner Terrestrials, the 87-year old legend will be releasing his own album of symphonic metal on March the 15th. We're talking about a concept album here - the record will be called Charlemagne and it will tell the story of the first Holy Roman Emperor. For more info, as well as samples, check out NME's coverage of the story. What else can I add but wish we're all this agile as we approach 90.

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