December 31, 2009

Have a Bloody New Year!

2009 is dead as dead can be, which can mean only thing: 2010 better be a good year or we'll sure as hell send it back to wherever it came from! :) Joking aside, 2009 was a good year for Danse Macabre and horror in general and if 2010 has anything more to offer, we're in the driving seat, man, and there's no one stopping us but ourselves. This year over the course of 8 months we aired some 26 episodes of our blood-splashing show covering basic stuff such as witches and ghosts next to more complex issues such as the philosophy behind torture porn and Twin Peaks; but note: THAT'S ONLY THE BEGINNING!

2010 will see us honoring literary luminaries of the highest order (King and Barker at one end, Ballard and Palahniuk at the other) while also delving deeper in the realms of sheer weirdness and exploitation horror (think of The Thing with Two Heads), branching out to films from countries such as Norway and Russia, and covering as many comic books as we can get our hands on (EC Comics, Hellboy, The Walking Dead)! Well, these are just some of the topics that are coming your way in 2010. We could tell you everything we are planning but that would be spoiling it, don't you think? Besides, we have to run: the monster party is about to start!

Oh, and by the way: Bloody New Year is a real film and it's ripe with camp value so do give it a try whenever you have nothing better to do!

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