September 16, 2009

Silent Hill Sequel Announced!

A couple of days ago, THR announced the first details regarding the wildly anticipated sequel to the original Silent Hill movie released in 2006.

According to the news post, "Roger Avary and Samuel Hadida of Davis Films are climbing back up "Silent Hill." The screenwriter and producer have signed on for a sequel to their 2006 video game adaptation." The post continues to give some general details about the video game - based film but nothing spectacular, which is to say that things could go either way from now on.

The important thing is that Silent Hill 2 is finally happening, and this is very good news given the potential that the series has. If you ask me, the original film was fun as a genre film but could've been both scarier and better as a piece of cinema. Now that we know what Silent Hill is about and who Pyramid Head is, it's time to skip lenghty prologues and go straight to the core of the action.

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